About Our Farm

SBC Longhorns is a family farm located in Shiner, Texas which falls between San Antonio and Houston. The farm was purchased in 1949 after my Grandfather recovered from injuries sustained in WW2.

In 1985, my father moved our family back to his childhood home to help my Grandfather with the farm and to care for my Grandma who had been diagnosed with cancer.

The farm became my childhood home and, my wife Laura and I decided to raise our family here, making us the 4th generation to call the farm "home".

In 2009, my Great Uncle Robert Gunther passed away. Shortly after, I started my journey of raising Texas Longhorns and cross-bred cows. 

In 2018, I decided to make my focus solely on Texas Longhorns and have never looked back.

In partnership, we are home to 629 TCC Shootin in the Dark & Stacked Deck. We continue to grow our herd focusing on a strong conformation and horn.

Take a look around and if you want to talk Longhorns, give me a call.

(361) 798-6902